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S3 EP10 Songwriting featuring Cherell Terri

August 19, 2022 Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay Season 3 Episode 10
Faders Up Podcast
S3 EP10 Songwriting featuring Cherell Terri
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In this episodes the hosts are joined by singer songwriter Cherell Terri to discuss songwriting. In the episode Cherell discusses how important it is to have your own set up, how she got started doing live songwriting sessions on IG, what her process is after she finishes writing a song.

In who's been pushing up faders up, Czar talks about recent reviews he has on youtube, you can check them out below

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Audified U73b and U78 review https://youtu.be/5WGPDDFf0No
Waves Harmony review https://youtu.be/80qHurj52MU

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