Faders Up Podcast

S1 EP 20 Featuring Robb Wenner from Auralex

October 02, 2020 Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay Season 1 Episode 20
Faders Up Podcast
S1 EP 20 Featuring Robb Wenner from Auralex
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In this episode the hosts welcome Robb Wenner from Auralex. They discuss Robb's background in post production for TV and film, and a lengthy discussion on acoustic treatment for your room. We discuss can you mix in a untreated room, does acoustic treatment differ for recording and mixing rooms, DIY acoustic treatment vs buying from a company like Auralex, and the best way to deal with low end in a semi treated room, and a lot more. Robb also covers the many products that Auralex offers, including the free service P-RAF (personalized room analysis) where you submit info on your room with pictures and size and a Auralex rep will reply with recommendations of where you should put treatment, and recommend Auralex products for your room. You can check out P-RAF here

Be sure to check out Auralex Podcast called Creative Spaces

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