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S2 EP3 RIP Rupert Neve

March 05, 2021 Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay Season 2 Episode 3
Faders Up Podcast
S2 EP3 RIP Rupert Neve
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In this episode the hosts discuss the passing of Rupert Neve, and what he meant to pro audio, and the announcement of Summer NAMM 2021 being held in Nashville as a in person event. Rupert Neve was 94 years old, among remaining relevant over so many decades, here is some more info on the icon, the legend, Rupert Neve. 

  • Rupert Neve Life
    • Born In the UK, grew up in Argentina
    • Was a radio operator during World War II 
    • Started Neve Electronics in 1961
    • Built a console for Phillips Recording studio in London 1964
    • Founded Focusrite in 1985
    • Founded Rupert Neve Designs in 2005
    • Up until his death he was still hands on with designing products at Rupert Neve Designs 
  • Rupert Neve Career achievements 
    • 23 Grammys (Nominated 67 times)
    • Won a Technical Grammy in 97 (one few people to win one)
    • 16 TEC awards 
    • 7 PAR Excellence Awards
    • Inducted into Mix Magazine hall of fame 1989

 Here is a link to the announcement of made for Summer NAMM 2021 https://www.namm.org/exhibit/ss21

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