Faders Up Podcast

S2 EP10 featuring Shawn Dealey of Sweetwater Studios

June 18, 2021 Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay Season 2 Episode 10
Faders Up Podcast
S2 EP10 featuring Shawn Dealey of Sweetwater Studios
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In this episode the hosts are joined by Shawn Dealey of Sweetwater Studios to discuss live sound and Sweetwater studios.  Everyone knows Sweetwater, but not many know about Sweetwater Studios. Along with being one of the top retailers for pro audio in the country, Sweetwater  has 3 state of the art recording studios on the Sweetwater Campus. In our discussion with Shawn we discuss balancing recording studio and live sound work, what things can go wrong in live sound, who chooses the gear for Sweetwater Studios, is Sweetwater Studios available to the public, and more.

In who's been pushing Faders Up Czar is still looking for new monitors, Desiree spends a day labeling kick drums, Oshay tries out Studio from Studio Linked, Pat shares a song he produced for Morgan Bosman that has been released titled MMF (Missed My Flight), and Shawn talks about a massive 188 track R&B song that tracked and mixed. 

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Whats everyone's experience with live sound?
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