Faders Up Podcast

S2 EP 14 Featuring Josh Estock from Focal Professional

August 20, 2021 Czar, Desiree, Pat, and Oshay Season 2 Episode 14
Faders Up Podcast
S2 EP 14 Featuring Josh Estock from Focal Professional
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In this episode the hosts are joined by Josh Estock the North American Director of Focal Professional. Josh explains what makes Focal different from other speaker manufactures, why Focal monitors have  auto standby,  why are subwoofers so expensive, and why the Focal Stellia headphones cost $3,000.

In who's been pushing faders up, Oshay has been cataloging music, Desiree has been taking vocal and instrument lessons, Pat announces he has been working with new artists, Josh has been purging his plugin collection, and Czar has been messing with Fluid Pitch form Pitch Innovations, and discusses his new mic, the V-251 platinum tube mic, which it Matt Mcglynn's take on the beloved ELAM 251.

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